That guy you probably know because you heard something about TypeScript.

Book Author

Beginning NodeJS

Published by Apress and available on amazon. A year worth of effort went into this, but was totally worth it because of the positive response 🌹

TypeScript Deep Dive

Due to my extensive work with the TypeScript community there were thoughts that I wanted to share on the subject. I collated them in an open source book called TypeScript Deep Dive. Its the number one google result for TypeScript book.


I've also reviewed -- other TypeScript books and would be happy to review a chapter if you want me to.


I try to help out whenever I can

profile for Basarat Ali at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Top contributor for TypeScript.

TypeScript Expert on AirPair


Developer workflows and maintainable code architectures excite me.

Atom Typescript

Atom-TypeScript : Downloaded nearly 164K+ times by developers in under a year, this is the defacto TypeScript package for the Atom Editor.

ALM Tools

alm.tools : A toolset I am designing specifically to meet my personal high quality language tool requirements.

Other Projects

Too many, but here are a few I still feel proud about

  • TypeScript Collections : A data structures library for TypeScript.
  • NTypeScript : Making it easier to consume the latest and greatest stuff from the TypeScript team.
  • grunt-ts : It allowed me to be productive with TypeScript in any IDE back when the LangaugeService wasn't well documented.
  • CSX : CSS FlexBox done in JS variables.


Done this many -- times -- at -- many -- events. Would be happy to do a talk if you want me to. Otherwise I'm mostly busy creating or helping others with OSS projects.

Also YouTube : Haven't published something new for a year, but still have 500 subscribers and some videos with 15K+ views, which isn't bad for developer focused channel.

Open Source Teams

You can find the complete list here. A few key ones I'd like to highlight

  • Definitely Typed : A Community to help people use 90% of the most used JavaScript libraries safely TypeScript.
  • TypeStrong : To help bridge any TypeScript tooling gaps.


Twitter is the quickest way to get in touch.