That guy you probably know because you heard something about TypeScript.

Microsoft MVP for TypeScript, Cypress Ambassador, open sorcerer, book author, youtuber, eggheader, developer empathiser.

Twitter/basarat is the quickest way to get in touch.

You can find more about my professional leadership experience up on LinkedIn/in/basarat

Video Content

I create Software Development content on YouTube.

I am also well known as a TypeScript instructor on Egghead.io, with plenty of lessons and courses.

Also a top rated course TypeScript for Professionals on Udemy 🤗

Book Author

Beginning NodeJS

Published by Apress and available on amazon. A year worth of effort went into this, but was totally worth it because of the positive response 🌹

TypeScript Deep Dive

Due to my extensive work with the TypeScript community there were thoughts that I wanted to share on the subject. I collated them in an open source book called TypeScript Deep Dive. Its the number one google result for TypeScript book.


I’ve also reviewedother TypeScript books and would be happy to review a chapter if you want me to.


I try to help out whenever I can

profile for Basarat Ali at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Top contributor for TypeScript.

Microsoft MVP for contributions to the JavaScript / TypeScript ecosystem.


Developer workflows and maintainable code architectures excite me.

Atom Typescript

Atom-TypeScript : Downloaded more than 1.2 million times by developers around the world, this is the defacto TypeScript package for the Atom Editor.

ALM Tools

alm tools : A toolset I designed specifically to meet my personal high quality language tool requirements.


CSS in JS done with a focus on leveraging TypeScript to provide type safety. Has awesome reviews

Other Projects

Too many to list here. Here are some more highlights:

Open Source Teams

You can find the complete list here. A few key ones I’d like to highlight

  • Definitely Typed : A Community to help people use 90% of the most used JavaScript libraries safely TypeScript.
  • TypeStrong : To help bridge any TypeScript tooling gaps.


Multiple works of mine have received great reviews. Here are a few examples:


I’ve presented many times. Here are a few that I could dig up quickly in no particular order:

Variously randomtalkseven remotely.


Here are few podcasts I’ve been a part of:


Would be happy to do a talk if you want me to. Otherwise I’m mostly busy creating or helping others with OSS projects.